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Chicks to hatch in 6W!

In 6W, we have an incubator containing seven hens’ eggs. No ordinary hens – these eggs belong to Araucana hens (originally from Chile). We’re really excited to have them in our class, because, well, you don’t see chicks hatch every day now, do you? The incubator is really warm at 37 and a half degrees so the chicks are nice and snuggly and they can grow properly. But, just in case, if the temperate changes, an alarm will go off, warning us to check the eggs for any problems. Every day, the incubator rotates slightly, just like they would if the mother was sitting on them in the nest. There is also an ‘X’ written on the eggs, so you can see if the chicks have moved around just by looking if the letter has moved places! They usually hatch within 3 weeks, sometimes a few days before or after. When the chicks do hatch, they might take a bit of time getting out and you must leave them, letting them do their thing. Today is the 13th of June, and the chicks are due to hatch in 13 days…WATCH THIS SPACE!

 By Imogen Griffiths-Smith


















The chicks hatched on the 26th of June!!

We rushed to the incubator to discover fluffy newly hatched chicks! 3 eggs remained to be hatched. Throughout the day, they all hatched one by one. We named the chicks: Apollo, Will, Harry (Styles), Po, Eveam and Kezza. Howver, we were worried about Po because he was very weak and limp. The next day, Miss Willis told us that Po had made it through the night and everyone was so relieved. Before they had to go home, we all held them and enjoyed their company! All chicks now have a safe and happy life with their owner (Zara O’Connor). They are visited regularly by class mates and family. We were all upset to see them leave but they are hopefully coming to visit again soon.

By Maeve Regan and Zara O’Connor, 6W