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Welcome to the 'Learning from home' section of our school website.
There are three main areas: Year group specific 'Learning from home' pages; a more general 'Learning from home' page; and a 'Keeping Connected' page.

The Year group specific 'Learning from home' pages offer a weekly range of curriculum activities organised by the four year groups in our school. These curriculum activities are set by the teaching team for each year group and keep as closely as possible to what would be taught in the classroom at that point. They have been adapted to make them more manageable for the children to tackle with less support than they would otherwise receive in school yet the children may still need some adult guidance. Please may we reinforce our initial message that the children are not expected to work extensively - just a couple of activities a day for as long as you think is appropriate; we have no specific expectation of how much they will do.

Some of these activities are set using the Purple Mash online programme - for these, the teaching team have identified a couple of pieces of work each week for which they will give feedback to the children to guide them further with their on-going learning at home. For other activities which are either worksheets or booklets on this website, we will provide answers with the following week's work for the children to then self-assess (or with an adult's guidance) their work. We will also use the class padlets to offer general feedback to the class on how they are doing with the tasks that are set each week.

We are aware that, due to the number of children trying to access the website, Purple Mash has not always been easy to access. We appreciate your perseverance with this as we know how frustrating it can be. We would advise saving any work that the children tackle possibly in some kind of word formatting programme in case Purple Mash should not perform as expected. For many of these tasks, the children are asked to 'hand in' their work by returning to the '2Do' tab at the top of the screen - similarly, this has not always worked. However, if a piece of work has been started during the week, then the teachers are still able to view it even if it hasn't been handed in, so do rest assured that we will be able to see all the hard work that the children are putting into their home learning tasks. 

Further to the Year group specific 'Learning from home' pages, there is also a more general 'Learning from home' page. On this page, you will find a whole host of suggested websites that provide useful resources, further tasks or other engaging activities that the children may wish to try out. This page is organised by curriculum subjects so if you scroll down the page, there will be something to suit every child's interests!
Finally, there is the 'Keeping Connected' page which provides links to all the different class padlets. These are password protected secure online forums where the children can keep in touch with their fellow class members by sharing pictures of the work they have been doing, of the creations they have been making, and of the pass-times they have been enjoying to fill their days. We check these regularly and love to see what everybody has been doing! 
We hope you will find all of this useful and supportive while we continue to work together to further your child's learning to the best of our capabilities whilst they are at home.

The Teaching Team at Charlton Kings Juniors














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